The 'EmbraceMe' Foundation aims to improve quality of education and healthcare for children and adults in Ukraine 



About us

The EmbraceMe Foundation was established in late 2016 by Olga Aleksandrova and Elena Tsap with a purpose of supporting schools and hospitals across Ukraine.

The current condition of many state hospitals and schools is quite poor, with so many in need of basic support. At the moment most of help and support comes from private sponsors, various charitable organisations or in most cases being self-funded by parents at schools and patients in hospitals.

While our aim is to improve the quality of life for many children and adults by enhancing their education and healthcare, EmbraceMe Foundation  is also extremely keen to support Ukraine's local producers and businesses. We are planning to achieve this by ordering, where possible, items required for our projects which are being sold and manufactured in Ukraine. We believe by supporting local producers we will further boost its economy and contribute towards its continuous growth and country’s prosperity. 

Schools. After the process of evaluating which schools require our help and what their needs are, our initial focus shifted towards purchasing school equipment such as:

  • Projectors and projector screens

  • Laptops to operate projectors

  • Multi-media screens

  • Reading materials including books in English for school libraries, etc.

  • Playgrounds - We are having ongoing discussions with a few schools on various ways to improve their playground areas and gyms for both primary and secondary schools.  

Hospitals. We’ve identified a few areas where our foundation will have an immediate impact and result in various improvements to its patients. Items such as new hospital beds, bedside tables, mattresses, operational tables, ECG units and accessories, emergency equipment and supplies, laboratory diagnostic equipment, examination tables, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.

We believe no patient should be expected to pay for most of these basic items and have a decent bed to sleep on when hospitalised.

Our team is working on a new project for 2019 “EmbraceMe - Mother & Child” and will start its fundraising activity early 2019 in order to fund new equipment for the ICU wards and maternity hospitals.

We are planning to create special areas within hospitals for family members who would be able to spend more time with their loved ones after a major surgery or those being in the ICU.

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EmbraceMe provides support to schools and hospitals that have been neglected from years of underfunding



Our story

Being originally from Ukraine, our Co-Founders have decided to start their charitable work in support of schools and hospitals in their home country due to the growing poverty and instability in once prosperous country with many talented and hardworking people.

The EmbraceMe Foundation started with a devoted team of three Trustees and has been expanding rapidly since. We are at the early stages of fundraising and are delighted to have secured support from numerous individuals and businesses across the world. 

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We hope our efforts will transform lives of many children and young adults who aspire to do great in life



Our mission

...It is important that we move forward and grow.

We’ve started exploring various opportunities to work closely with other Ukrainian charities in order to create new programs which will support children who would like to do better at school and create more opportunities for them after they finish.

We are working on creating reward programs to include trips abroad and internship programs both in Ukraine and the U.K.  Our foundation would like to offer everyone a chance to explore other cultures and bring back home new skills and knowledge, which we believe is a foundation for a strong and culturally rich country and society. 

Our team has many ideas on how we can help and it is our hope and aspiration that with your donations, new volunteers and local partners, EmbraceMe Foundation will change lives of many for better. 

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We want to express our gratitude to every single individual and company who believes in our cause



Get involved

We want to express our gratitude to every single individual and company who supports our cause. If you want to become part of our initiative there are various ways you can support us.

Your donation will make a big difference and we thank you for your continuous support.

Please get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

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